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When people move, they invariably have a purpose. And the movement of people from place to place is a foundation of human society itself. New cultures and new values are born when movement brings different peoples together to meet, share knowledge and learn from each other.
We use the term "mobility" to refer to all areas related to the movement of people. And when the constant pursuit of the convenience, enjoyment and the value in mobility enables its benefits to become deeply rooted in the lives and activities of more and more people, we call that result "Mobility Culture."
One of the major missions of Honda Mobilityland is to help create richer and safer Mobility Culture throughout society.

Basic Policy for Sustainability

At Honda Mobilityland, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future by finding ways to deal with global environmental and social issues through the fostering of Mobility Culture, the promotion of motorsports, and by applying sound practices in the field of human resource development.

Important Issues and Activity Goals

The Environment

We will promote the reduction of greenhouse gases by expanding the use of clean energy, reducing the generation of waste and promoting recycling.


Through fair and honest corporate activities and educational activities related to traffic safety and the environment, we aim to be a company that lives up to the trust and expectations of the society at large.

Local Community

We aim to contribute to the local economy through the development of products based on industry-academia-government partnerships and beneficial use of local traditions and materials.

Human Resources

Through unwavering respect for human rights and diversity, we will strive to create workplaces that are beneficial and rewarding for all.

Contributing to SDGs

While aiming for corporate growth and contributing to creation of a sustainable future, we will also contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our corporate activities related to the four areas of the environment, society, the local community and human resources.

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Contributing to SDGs

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3.Good Health and Well-Being 4.Quality Education 5.Gender Equality 7.Affordable and Clean Energy 8.Decent Work and Economic Growth 9.Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 10.Reduced Inequalities 11.Sustainable Cities and Communities 12.Responsible Consumption and Production 13.Climate Action 15.Life On Land 17.Partnerships for the Goals

Environmental Vision

Toward Carbon Neutrality in Motorsport Events

Honda Mobilityland aims to become carbon neutral by 2030 through efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to motorsport events, which are the core business of Honda Mobilityland.

Environmental VisionEnvironmental Vision

Environmental Efforts

We use "Green Electricity"* as our general electric power supply for major motorsport events held at Suzuka Circuit and Mobility Resort Motegi. Effectively 100% of this electricity comes from environmentally sound renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power and solar power generation, etc.

*CO2-free electricity generated according to environmental value rating based on non-fossil certification provided by Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Company, Incorporated.

Environmental EffortsEnvironmental Efforts

We are working to promote recycling by reducing the use of single-use plastics and by sorting and collecting waste generated from motorsport events.

Environmental EffortsEnvironmental Efforts

In addition, we will also monitor CO2 emissions resulting from the movement of people and goods in conjunction with the holding of international motorsport events, and we promote a comprehensive cycle of planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of measures to reduce these emissions.


Structure for promotion of systematic environmental managementStructure for promotion of systematic environmental management

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