Handling of personal information on the Mobilityland website

Regarding the handling of personal information on the Mobilityland website, “personal information” is name, e-mail address, telephone, postal address and other information that would identify an individual customer.

Recognizing the importance of the personal information given by our customers, we manage it by setting a strict control standard while protecting it by educating our employees to be thorough with our policies and standards.


When you access our website, your access log is recorded automatically. Information left with us on such normal use of the website includes the name of your Internet service provider, the name and version of the browser used, the type of OS, the website, the page, date of access, and the duration. This information is taken as statistical data on the usage conditions of our website and is used for further improving the convenience of our website.
Your "personal information" will not be recorded in this access log.

Gathering personal information

In parts of this website, we may ask you to give us personal information, as in the cases below.

  • Registration for membership services
  • Response to questionnaires
  • When asking your opinion on our products or services
  • Your application/participation for prizes or events
  • Hotel reservations
  • Orders for tickets or merchandise
  • Other

In these cases, the purpose of gathering personal information and the scope of use will be indicated before asking for the information.
When you give us personal information, you can choose to receive or not receive information from us. You can change your choice afterward.
If you are an underage user, we recommend you check with your parents before giving us personal information.

Use of personal information

Personal information given to us will be used within the scope indicated when gathering the information, for improvement of services, facilities and other just purposes. Furthermore, data (e.g., Mobilityland user demography) created based on personal information given to us will be used to improve operation of our site.

Protection and management of personal information

We assign persons responsible in each division to handle personal information and take strict security measures to prevent loss, misuse, tampering, etc., of personal information. However, we cannot assure security at the time of sending or accessing customer information, due to characteristics of the Internet.
When sending personal information, you do so at your own risk.
We must also inform you that we are not responsible for the protection and use of personal information gathered by third parties on websites linked to this website.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

In principle, we do not disclose personal information to other companies or individuals without consent of the individual. (We may give personal information to a company that signed a confidentiality agreement for the purpose of entrusting the dispatch of tickets or merchandise, information analysis, etc.)
However, when a customer using our website causes damage to a third party and that party, or court, police, or other official body, requests disclosure of said customer’s personal information, it may be disclosed accordingly.


Cookies are the data transferred from the website to the user’s hard disk for recording purposes. The main purpose of cookies is to record user preferences, etc., to make use of the site easier. We use cookies to monitor the usage of sports ride reservation and shopping carts for merchandise sales, but information obtained from cookies is used only for this site and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, by changing the browser settings, cookies can be rejected or messages on transmission of cookies can be shown each time.
Please note that when you make cookies invalid, response speed may be significantly reduced and our site may not function properly.

Electronic payments (credit card, convenience store, internet bank)

The electronic payment system on this website is provided by Meitetsucom Co., Ltd. (credit card) and by UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. (credit card, convenience store, internet bank). For details of each electronic payment system, please click on the URL below.

Revision of this page

The contents of "Handling of personal information" may be revised according to laws and regulations applied to personal information, progress of Internet technology, changes in our services or other changes for personal information security. Revisions will be announced on this page as required.

The above applies within Japan.

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